3D stretch ceilings

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Stretch ceilings are made of PVC foil. But what does that mean, exactly? What is its durability? How can it be cleaned from possible stains? Is it free of allergens? Every question you have ever asked about our stretch ceiling fabric - here is your answer. Read on!

If you ask someone about stretch ceilings, they will probably tell you that it must be some new technology. The truth is that it is inspired by ceilings as old as the hills. Centuries ago people decorated their homes with canvas ceilings stretched between walls. We could call this a prototype of modern stretch ceilings. But fabric as a ceiling material had some serious drawbacks: it lost its flexibility very quickly and was not durable at all. Even today we would have had many problems cleaning it, but then it was not.

Modern stretch ceilings

Of course, stretch ceilings have little in common with material ceilings today. The most important difference is the fabric. DPS engineers use the highest quality film made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The most important thing in this fabric is safety.

Safety first and foremost

The PVC ceiling is non-flammable (flammability class B, s2-d0). This means that in case of fire there is no room for burning drops. Furthermore, it does not emit any smoke at all. If a member of your family has an allergy, there is nothing to worry about! DPS stretch ceilings are antistatic, so there is no problem with dust on their surface.

Regular use

What about everyday use? Stretch ceilings are as good as classic painted ceilings, but require no maintenance for at least 10 years. We give you a decade warranty on the shape and colour of your ceiling!

You live in a block of flats or a tenement house and your neighbour's plumber has problems? Do not be afraid! Modern stretch ceiling fabric is 100% waterproof! If it's flooded, give us a call - we'll make it like new in no time! Find out more about the maintenance of flooded ceilings here!

The film remembers

Stretch ceilings have not become a revolutionary product due to their colours and non-flammability. There are few features that make it unique. What is most important? I would say... the shape of memory.

Basically, this is what distinguishes stretch ceilings from any other ceiling design solution. As you probably already know, stretch ceilings can also be mounted on the wall. Although it can be a very good solution for those who want to change the look of their interior, it is also dangerous for a stretch ceiling... or it would be if it were an ordinary fabric.

The memory of shape is one of the key features of DPS stretch ceilings. Someone accidentally kicked a ball straight into the membrane? No problem! Give it a few seconds - no need - and it will come back to normal. But most importantly, the shape can be restored even if the whole ceiling is removed! This opens up some possibilities. With the DPS membrane you can replace the cabling or insulate the roof without damaging the ceiling.

The procedure is quite simple: our specialists remove the tensioning membrane to allow you to do the work, and when the work is finished they clip it in the same way as during the first installation. The best part is that no one will notice that something has changed in the meantime.

Stretch walls are synonymous with exclusive, exquisite and beautiful design. Every design is available. Stretch walls made of transparent materials allow the use of light installations at the back and stylish lighting of the entire room.

Mirror panels allow to create an ideal mirror surface on the ceiling. They are extremely light and are a safe way to create unique interiors and designs.

Transparent foil is the best solution if you want your walls or ceiling to be ideally light and have a perfect surface.

The black reflecting ceiling is ideal for small rooms. As a result, the room appears larger and also gives it attractiveness and elegance.